Associazione Gocce is a non profit Organization based in Bologna, Italy which is under the leadership of President Anna Fin and Mr. Fabio Pancaldi, the General Manager.

The Association has provided support to the improvement of sanitary conditions for healthcare services and social structures in three districts of Kilombero and Ulanga in Morogoro Region as well as Kibaha District in Coastal Region.

In Kilombero District as of today the Association has constructed a delivery room at the dispensary of Kikwawila Village. Further the Association has provided two ultrasound for St. Francis Hospital in Ifakara, an ultrasound scanner for the hospital of Lugala Village, funding of incinerator for medical waste and construction of a well in the dispensary of Kikwawila. It has also sent a farm tractor plow including milling for the development of rural areas of Ifakara.

Moreover in Ulanga District the Association has constructed a delivery room in the dispensary of Mahenge, where as in Kibaha District the Association has constructed the operating room and provided thirty inpatient beds in Tumbi Hospital.

The Association is further collecting funds for the construction of a dispensary in Mkangawalo Village (Kilombero), Training Centre of the First Technical assistance and Bioengineering at the St. Francis Hospital in Ifakara (Kilombero), and the construction of the housing for doctors and nurses for the dispensary of Iragua and operating rooms of the new hospital in Mahenge and Lugala (Ulanga).